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ICQ2000::ContactListEvent Class Reference

Base class for Contact List related events. More...

#include <events.h>

Inheritance diagram for ICQ2000::ContactListEvent::

ICQ2000::Event ICQ2000::MessageQueueChangedEvent ICQ2000::ServerBasedContactEvent ICQ2000::StatusChangeEvent ICQ2000::UserAddedEvent ICQ2000::UserInfoChangeEvent ICQ2000::UserRemovedEvent List of all members.

Public Types

enum  EventType {
  StatusChange, UserInfoChange, UserAdded, UserRemoved,
  MessageQueueChanged, ServerBasedContact
 An enum of the different contact list event types.

Public Methods

 ContactListEvent (Contact *c)
 Base constructor for contact list events. More...

virtual ~ContactListEvent ()
 Destructor for ContactListEvent.

Contact * getContact () const
 get the contact. More...

unsigned int getUIN () const
 get the uin of the contact. More...

virtual EventType getType () const=0
 get the type of ContactListEvent. More...

Protected Attributes

Contact * m_contact
 The contact this event refers to.

Detailed Description

Base class for Contact List related events.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICQ2000::ContactListEvent::ContactListEvent Contact *    c

Base constructor for contact list events.

c  the contact

Member Function Documentation

Contact * ICQ2000::ContactListEvent::getContact   const

get the contact.

the contact

virtual EventType ICQ2000::ContactListEvent::getType   const [pure virtual]

get the type of ContactListEvent.

type of the ContactListEvent

Reimplemented in ICQ2000::UserInfoChangeEvent, ICQ2000::ServerBasedContactEvent, ICQ2000::UserAddedEvent, ICQ2000::UserRemovedEvent, ICQ2000::MessageQueueChangedEvent, and ICQ2000::StatusChangeEvent.

unsigned int ICQ2000::ContactListEvent::getUIN   const

get the uin of the contact.

This could be done just as easily, with getContact()->getUIN(), provided for convenience.


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