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libicq2000 Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ICQ2000::AddSocketHandleEventA socket handle add event
ICQ2000::AuthAckEventAn Authorisation Acknowledge (success/failure)
ICQ2000::AuthReqEventAn Authorisation Request
ICQ2000::AwayMessageEventAn Away message
ICQ2000::ClientThe main library object
ICQ2000::ConnectedEventThis event is signalled when the client is connected properly to the ICQ network
ICQ2000::ContactListEventBase class for Contact List related events
ICQ2000::DisconnectedEventThis event is signalled when the client has been disconnected from the ICQ network
ICQ2000::EventThe base class for all events
ICQ2000::LogEventThis event is for any logging messages generated by the library
ICQ2000::MessageEventA message event
ICQ2000::MessageQueueChangedEventThe event signalled when a user's message queue changes
ICQ2000::MyStatusChangeEventYour status change
ICQ2000::NewUINEventRegistration of a new UIN
ICQ2000::NormalMessageEventA normal message
ICQ2000::RateInfoChangeEventRate Information Changed
ICQ2000::RemoveSocketHandleEventA socket handle remove event
ICQ2000::SearchResultEventThe event signalled when a user-search result is received
ICQ2000::ServerBasedContactEventThe event signalled when a contact entry from the server-based contact list is received
ICQ2000::SMSMessageEventAn SMS message
ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEventAn SMS (delivery) receipt
ICQ2000::SocketEventBase class for socket events
ICQ2000::StatusChangeEventThe event signalled when a user's status changes
ICQ2000::URLMessageEventAn URL message
ICQ2000::UserAddedEventThe event signalled when a user is added
ICQ2000::UserInfoChangeEventThe event signalled when user information changes
ICQ2000::UserRemovedEventThe event signalled when a user is about to be removed

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