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ICQ2000::Event Class Reference

The base class for all events. More...

#include <events.h>

Inheritance diagram for ICQ2000::Event::

ICQ2000::ConnectedEvent ICQ2000::ContactListEvent ICQ2000::DisconnectedEvent ICQ2000::LogEvent ICQ2000::MessageEvent ICQ2000::MyStatusChangeEvent ICQ2000::NewUINEvent ICQ2000::RateInfoChangeEvent ICQ2000::SearchResultEvent ICQ2000::SocketEvent List of all members.

Public Methods

 Event ()
 Base constructor for events, timestamp set to now.

 Event (time_t t)
 Base constructor for events, with a set timestamp.

time_t getTime () const
 get the time when the event occurred. More...

void setTime (time_t t)
 set the time of the event. More...

Protected Attributes

time_t m_time
 the time this event occurred.

Detailed Description

The base class for all events.

Basic functionality of all events is timestamping, so you can tell when an event occurred.

Member Function Documentation

time_t ICQ2000::Event::getTime   const

get the time when the event occurred.

the time

void ICQ2000::Event::setTime time_t    t

set the time of the event.

This is used by the library only, and is of no interest to the client.

t  the time

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