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ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent Class Reference

An SMS (delivery) receipt. More...

#include <events.h>

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Public Methods

 SMSReceiptEvent (Contact *c, const string &msg, const string &message_id, const string &submission_time, const string &delivery_time, bool del)
 Construct an SMSReceiptEvent. More...

MessageType getType () const
 get the type of the MessageEvent. More...

string getMessage () const
 get the message. More...

string getMessageId () const
 get the message id. More...

string getDestination () const
 get the destination mobile no. More...

string getSubmissionTime () const
 get the submission time. More...

string getDeliveryTime () const
 get the delivery time. More...

bool delivered () const
 get if the message was delivered. More...

Detailed Description

An SMS (delivery) receipt.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::SMSReceiptEvent Contact *    c,
const string &    msg,
const string &    message_id,
const string &    submission_time,
const string &    delivery_time,
bool    del

Construct an SMSReceiptEvent.

c  the source contact
msg  the message
message_id  the message id
submission_time  time of submission
delivery_time  time of delivery
del  if the message was delivered

Member Function Documentation

bool ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::delivered   const

get if the message was delivered.

if the message was delivered

string ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::getDeliveryTime   const

get the delivery time.

the delivery time

string ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::getDestination   const

get the destination mobile no.

the destination mobile no

string ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::getMessage   const

get the message.

the message

string ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::getMessageId   const

get the message id.

the message id

string ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::getSubmissionTime   const

get the submission time.

the submission time

MessageEvent::MessageType ICQ2000::SMSReceiptEvent::getType   const [virtual]

get the type of the MessageEvent.

the type of the message

Reimplemented from ICQ2000::MessageEvent.

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